Anesia Seeds Auto Yuhbary

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  • Typ: selbstblühend
  • Genetik: 70% Sativa
  • Genetischer Hintergrund: Apricot Jelly x Auto Strawberry Banana
  • Ernte Indoor: 500 g/m²
  • Ernte Outdoor: bis zu 250 g/Pflanze
  • Zyklus: 10-11 Wochen ab der Keimung
  • Höhe: 70-100 cm, 80-120 cm Outdoor
  • THC: 27%
  • Aroma: süße Mango
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Auto Yuhbary

We find the very rare and exquisite Apricot Jelly Strain so convincing that we wanted to use its genetics for an autoflowering cannabis strain. Our experienced breeders decided to cross it with our Auto Strawberry Banana to emphasize the extremely fruity aroma and also to breed an enormously potent automatic. Auto Yuhbary has undoubtedly succeeded in this. Her wide terpene palette wonderfully rounds out the THC content of up to 27%.

Its strong sativa dominance is reflected in its effects after a short time. If her effects initially occupy you with a pleasant relaxation, your head is turned on a short time later and the body follows it immediately. Auto Yuhbary inspires you to creative highs and provides hours of absolute happiness with a surge of euphoria. You will quickly no longer want to miss it and you will also be able to put your buddies with it in bright enthusiasm.

Its aroma is a stunning, fruity blend of melon, strawberry and banana with a slight tart note on the exhale.

Growing Auto Yuhbary

Auto Yuhbary grows incredibly vigorous and fast, taking just over 70 days from seed germination to harvest maturity. You can expect XL harvests and get the most out of her with LST and scrogging. She needs enough nutrients to reach her full potency. But she will give back to everyone the love invested in her in a wonderful way.

Medizinische Verwendung

Auto Yuhbary is excellent for therapeutic use in migraine, depression, anxiety, and ADHD/ADS.

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