Anesia Seeds Triple Cheese Auto

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  • Typ: selbstblühend
  • Genetics: mostly Indica
  • Ernte Indoor: –
  • Ernte Outdoor: – g/Pflanze
  • Zyklus: 11 Wochen ab der Keimung
  • Höhe: 130 cm, – cm Outdoor
  • THC: bis zu 22%
  • Aroma: Käse, fruchtig
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Triple Cheese Auto

Triple Cheese Auto is our newest autoflowering variety which brings the automatic genetics to a new level. Harvest time of this very aromatic and resinous strain is 11 weeks after germination and you can expect yields you only know from photoperiodic cannabis strains. This plant can grow tall up to 130cm and is an excellent choose for both indoors and outdoors. When the harvest time comes her buds are covered over and over with resins, really breathtaking. She is known for her dense buds with a remarkable blueberry and old cheese taste. The THC levels regularly hitting over 22%.

The taste and aroma of the Triple Cheese Auto combine the typical cheese flavor with a slightly fruity note. Their effect is typical for a good indica, relaxing both mind and body in a pleasant, weightless state.


This strain is a very tall autoflowering variety which needs large pots to grow in perfect conditions, pots with 20l are ideal for this high yielder. She shows the best results indoors when lit 18 hours per day from germination to harvest.

She is a very easy to grow autofeminized cannabis strain that perfect for beginners as well as professional growers.

Medical Use

Due to its high CBD levels, this strain is recommended for stress and muscular pain.

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